April 06, 2012

A new puppy

My husband holding Molly.

About two weeks ago my husband started talking about getting another dog.    We were fortunate to know a local breeder of labradoodles (Labrador Retriever/Standard Sized Poodle) and goldendoodles (Golden Retriever/Standard Sized Poodle). This breeder only has two litters a year and is very selective about who gets "her" puppies.  Well, she was very happy to offer us a labradoodle puppy since we know her and her husband.  
Now a new puppy is not very frugal.  We were given a discount on Molly's price since we know the breeders, but we have spent money on a crate for her and of course on her food and chew toys.  As time goes on the cost of owning her won't be as much as it is the first few months of her life.  We will need to buckle down to afford the extra expenses but it is worth it.

Never wake a sleeping puppy.
 Molly arrived in our home last Saturday evening and she has been a great dog.  We are on our way to housebreaking and she has fit in so well with our family. 

I know that I had a lot of comments about our putting Buddy to sleep and not sticking it out.  However, I stand by that decision and we have moved on. 


Maureen said...

She will bring you such joy.

I love your new wallpaper is it a blogger one ?? I would love to change mine but just don't know where to find a nice one....

Debby said...

Awwww, what a sweet little girl!!!

Martha said...


Yes, this is a Blogger template. Go to your Dashboard and then to Design. From there pick Background and then click on Background Image. This one was found under "Patterns."