April 16, 2012

Freezer is Full

She's cute and she keeps me moving!
It has been 12 years since we had a young puppy in our house but I never forgot how much time a puppy took to raise.  Right now my life revolves around house breaking our little pup.  I miss posting and I finally found some time.  

Meat prices have been going sky high.  Imagine my delight when over the past 2 weeks our two local grocery stores ran some really great deals on meat.   When I say really great deals, I mean really great deals such as boneless skinless chicken breasts @ $1.69 lb. and ground beef @ $2.38 lb.  Also one week frozen vegetables were on sale for 69 cents for a 1 lb. bag.  These were definitely the kind of deals to get you into the store and I know that the store managers were hoping that it would mean that once they got me into the store that I would purchase other items and spend a lot of money. 

Well, I am not one of those kind of people.  I have my list on an app on my phone and I stick to my list, period.  That's it.  I stick to the list with the only exception of an unadvertised in store special on something I use.  Then and only then do I deviate.  The special had better be a necessity too and it always is.  

I purchased a lot of meat, vegetables and mozzarella cheese in the last 2 weeks.  The cheese was on sale for 99 cents for an 8 oz. bag and for every 5 bags you purchased you also got a $2 coupon towards your next grocery purchase.   I bought 30 bags.  

My freezer is stocked to the brim.  I have 50 lbs. of ground beef, 8 chuck roasts, 10 lbs. boneless chicken breasts, 30 lbs. chicken hindquarters, 9 pkgs of bacon, 6 pork roasts, 6 lbs. ground chicken, 2 whole chickens and pork chops, boneless pork ribs, ham loaf, ground pork, ham, breakfast sausage, mozzarella cheese, butter,  frozen vegetables and frozen fruit.  All of the above were purchased at rock bottom prices.  

I'm in my "happy place" and I'm ready. 

Ready for what? 

To sit back and purchase minimal groceries for as long as possible and to stretch the food that I have on hand for as long as possible.  That's right, stretch it.  Just because I have a freezer stocked to the brim doesn't mean that I will be serving meat and potato meals every night.  My goal is to get as many hearty, healthy meals as possible from this stockpile.  How long can I stretch this food and make it last?  I serve an average of 6 people each evening so this will be a fun challenge.

Now I just need a name for this challenge -- any ideas?


Maureen said...

Sorry no ideas other than the rubber band Challenge, see how far you can stretch it LOL.

The meat prices here in Oz are really high now when I first emigrated 26 years ago, prices were almost half of UK's now I am hard pressed to find a bargain.

Picked up some skinless chicken breast fillets this morning for $6.99aus a kilo ( 2lbs 2ozs ) this is the cheapest i have seen them for a while. Ground Beef I can get for around 500grams for $4.50 aus. and no coupons.
So imagine how jealous I am of your freezer

Debby said...

I can so relate to this post, I too like to keep a good stock of food in the house that we buy on sale with coupons or grow in the garden. How about "Provident Pantry Living"

Rhonda said...

great prices! you stock up on the same kinds of things I stock up on when I find good deals. You are right that good deals, especially on meat, just arent't there as much as they used to be, so sad.

~Carla~ said...

Wow, that's crazy full! Good stuff!! Mine is almost empty but I'm getting an organic beef order soon which should help!

Phoebe said...

do the stores where you shop have double coupons? If not, you are one savvy super shopper and YOU should be on extreme couponing not for hoarding food but showing how it can be done in a reasonable manner.
I love your blog, keep up the good work and I love how you use your good deals on food and such to bless your church family.

Sue said...

Great food deals! It's a nice feeling to have a stocked freezer, especially at those prices!

Martha said...

@Phoebe -

There are no grocery stores in my area that double coupons. I just watch the sales very closely.

Debs said...

real quick post to say have you heard of this blog?

She was stocked up and then hubby's job tanked and they literally had to live off what they had cos no money to spare to buy anything.

Sharon said...

Hmmmm...I may need to get a large freezer...you got great deals!!

Martha said...


I thought I had the prudent homemaker on my blog roll and realized I don't.
Need to add her.