January 28, 2012

Our Yard Project for 2012

Our new dog, Buddy, is a jumper.  It's like he has "slinky" legs and can jump high in the air and on a couple of occasions he has almost jumped over our picket fence.  It is only a matter of time before it happens so we have been pondering what to do.

We have come up with a solution to two problems.  I have always wanted to do some really nice flower gardening but since we have owned a dog, it has been pretty much impossible to do so in our backyard.  Our solution is to build a second fence about 3 to 3 1/2 feet in from the original picket fence that surrounds our backyard.  In this way Buddy will not be able to jump over two fences and I will be able to garden inbetween the two fences.  I know it sounds really weird,  but I am excited about it.  It means that I can now grow vining plants that drape over the outer fence, that these flowers and bushes will not get trampled on by the dogs and there will finally be colorful flowers in our backyard!

I took these pictures in the fall of 2010 when I was painting the fence.  These are the two sides that will have the double fence so I can garden.

We are not going to surround the entire back yard with this "interior" fence but will just do this along the side of the driveway and the side that faces the sidewalk.  We also have plans to fence off two other sections of the yard so that I can grow some other plants and things that I have not been able to grow.  The end result will be that the yard will be plenty big for both dogs to run and play, they won't be able to run the picket fence that is so close to the sidewalk and we won't have to worry about Buddy jumping the fence. 

We will be building the fence ourself and I have priced the pickets @ $1.69 each.  I anticipate that this project will cost in the neighborhood of around $300 to $350.  It will be so worth it to finally have the colorful yard that I have always wanted to have along with being able to corral the dogs.


æble said...

Great idea!

Have you considered planting some food bearing plants as well? Like grapes or raspberry canes? I'm not sure what grows well in your area, but we find fruit so expensive, we're trying to plant what we can. I was able to get 3 blueberry bushes for 50% off last year, and they should start producing blueberries for our morning cereal in another two years.

Martha said...

Even though we don't have Buddy anymore, we still have 1 large dog and will continue to always have a dog ---- so I told my husband that this project is still on the calendar for this summer.

I bought a blueberry bush a couple of years ago, but it didn't survive a bitter winter. BUT the raspberry bush that I bought at the same time started to produce fruit last year.

I have been contemplating this and I definitely want to get another raspberry bush and I since my husband absolutely loves blueberries I am going to give them a try again.

I watch the sales at our local nursery and also at Wal-mart and I only buy when the price is at the 50% mark, just like you did. Good job.