February 04, 2014

Update on Diaper Rash

Ryan's diaper rash is gone.  It's nice to see pretty white, pinkish normal skin on his bottom.  My DIL took Ryan to the doctor and he prescribed a prescription cream for his bottom.  It did appear that he had a yeast infection.  Ryan had the "perfect storm" that led to his rash:  ear infection; prescription for an antibiotic to treat the ear infection; and he was cutting teeth.

After applying the prescription cream twice a day, we saw a difference within a day.  However we still had to deal with the rash hurting him when we were cleaning him up after he soiled his diapers.  The other problem was that he had horrible runny diapers.  His bottom was still raw and yet we had to get it clean so it would clear up.  I continued to use soft flannel homemade wipes on his bottom and then I applied Vaseline all over his bottom and genital area.  He screamed and cried and then when I was done, I stood him up and he hugged me and put his head on my shoulder.  I had a lot of tears last week.

Since he was already getting a prescription cream in the morning and the afternoon we decided that it was best to go conservative throughout the day and just use Vaseline.

Well the rash cleared up by the second day and when he was at my house yesterday I had one happy little boy.  He had been sick and then he had the pain of the rash and cutting of the teeth so he hadn't been himself for a long time.  Ryan spent the whole day happy.  He smiled, he played, he giggled and he was feeling so good.  I had a few errands to run and he waived and smiled at people.

We had a great day and it was one of those days that you treasure.

Thanks for all the advice on the rash.  Many of these ideas I will be using on him in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martha, Just found your blog, and I am loving it. I actually went back to the beginning and read almost all of your prior posts! (Too much time on my hands?) You have been through a lot since beginning the blog, and I applaud you for being so honest and forthcoming about your life. I am a few years older than you, last child a senior in college (hopefully graduating in a few months). It is tough to find your way at this point, but I really can relate to a lot of what you write. Keeping blogging! Sherri

Sherri said...

Martha, I commented this morning, but forgot to ask you; where in New York State are you from? I am from New Jersey, but have been living in the suburbs of Buffalo NY (my husband's hometown) for 25 years. Thanks again for blogging! Sherri

Out My window said...

Our daughter had a horrible yeast infection rash after antibiotics and it was so painful. I slathered her in plain yogurt and put her out in the sun with no diaper and plenty of sunscreen. Her rash was gone in a few days. If it is cold out I would slather the kids and let them run around in just plastic pants. This kept them from ruining everything and was easier to cleanup as the diaper did not put the mess so close to the skin.

Anonymous said...

Go get some lotramin for next time, worked well for our little one. Note that if you give a little one antibiotics they well kill the natural bacteria in the tummy. That will cause a nasty rash. You can balance it out by giving them yogurt or baby probiotics. Good luck