February 02, 2014

Cleaning my Area Rug - 1 Year Later

It has been more than a year since I cleaned my area rugs as posted in this article.  These rugs never smelled from the ammonia of the pet urine since I cleaned them.  I'm so pleased.

I didn't get around to doing it last summer but beginning this summer I am going to take all of my large area rugs and simply wash them outside with cold water from the hose.  The plan is to use no soap of any kind and simply "rinse" the dirt away.  Then it will take a few days for them to dry hanging over the deck rail.  Note to self:  check the weather forecast before I do this.

Water does the job quite well and is better for the fibers of the rug and for our health also  It just goes to show that sometimes a conservative way of cleaning is much better than using a lot of chemicals.  I had to use the store bought cleaner to get the urine smell out, but from now on it is going to be water.


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Don Arslanian said...

Good thinking! It’s a nice thing that your rugs don’t smell of ammonia anymore, but it never really hurts to do some maintenance cleaning, right? Some rugs acquire unpleasant smells over time, that it would always be better to have them cleaned regularly. :)

Don Arslanian @ Arslanian Bros

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