September 11, 2012

Upcoming Series - In Search of Contentment


The above picture of our puppy Molly, taken when she was just a few weeks old, symbolizes contentment to me. She is sleeping after having a nice meal and having been played with. Now she has settled on our back porch for a nap and she looks very contented and happy. 

What makes you happy? Are you constantly riding the highs of happiness to be brought down by disappointment? How does happiness affect your finances? 

I am working on a series of posts in which I will share with you my struggle to find contentment. Yes, I struggle with this but I am sure I am not alone. You know, the" if only I could have this in my life" or "if only this would happen and I would be content" type of attitude.

I am one of those type of people who struggle with not being able to live in the moment, but to hold off living or being truly happy until certain good things happen. 

It is my goal that you will be able to learn from my experience and how I am turning myself around to a different way of thinking about being content with life. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts and I look forward to your comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to these "Contentment" posts. This really resonated with me, "not truly being happy or not living in the moment until something good happens." Yep! That's me.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Martha --

I just found your blog in the last week or so (sorry, I can't remember how I linked to it), and I am enjoying it immensely. Your writing is genuine and warm and encouraging to all who seek a sane path in this crazy life. Please keep up the great work -- I want to keep reading it for a long time!

Pauline in Ithaca

HDNelson said...

I too look forward to reading it. The "be happy right now" idea is a great one I look forward to you exploring.