July 24, 2012

Too Hot to Do Much of Anything

It has been so hot here in Iowa for weeks. When you have temperatures at 105 degrees Farenheit and then a heat index 10 degrees above that, you don't feel like doing anything. Even with the air conditioning running non-stop, after a while you just want to be able to go outside in the evening and sit in a lawn chair and read a book. But there is one positive about the heat and the drought, it takes a very small amount of time for clothes to dry on the clothesline. I dried 5 loads of clothes on the clothesline this afternoon in record time.

Some communities are getting ready to limit water in an effort to conserve it. Life is getting pretty interesting here but it can't last forever. However some forecasters are predicting that this drought will last through Halloween. I hope the candy corn crop survives. (Okay I have to have some sense of humor in the midst of all of this heat.)

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