March 26, 2012

Easter Dress - 1960's Style

I am a person who likes to dress in clothes from the past.  I collect vintage patterns and I plan to sew many outfits some day from these patterns.

I haven't made a new dress in a long time and I decided that I really wanted to dress a little "Mad Men" style for Easter. 

As with many women, I love fabric and I will buy it when it goes on sale not knowing what I will make out of it.  I just like it and know I will find a pattern to fit the fabric sometime. 

Here is the McCall's pattern that I purchased on sale for $2.00 last fall.  I love this shift dress for its 1960's style and also for the sleeve variations. 

So I started through my fabric collection and decided on this:

The fabric was on sale for $1.50 a yard.  Then I was out looking for some new walking/running shoes and found these sandals on clearance for $9.00.  They are perfect.

I am going to make the sleeveless dress and will wear either a fuschia or melon cardigan with it.  As to cardigans, I am always on the lookout for any cardigan on sale at a good deal.  Goodwill has a great selection.  You can always team a cardigan up with a dress, t-shirt and jeans and just about anything.  So, I have quite the color assortment and it seems they never go out of style.    

For the accessories I plan to make a headband out of the dress fabric for a little fun.  I think that this will complete the 1960's style I am going for.  This is what I like about being able to sew - I can make some trendy outfits for a fraction of the price of anything store bought and these outfits will be better made. 

The only problem - I love to sew, but I have trouble finding the time or should I say, making the time to sew. 


Austin and Brook Blackwell said...

I LOVE THIS, Martha!!!

Martha said...


If I were younger and had a little girl, this would be a great mother - daughter outfit.

~Carla~ said...

Looks great!! I hope you'll post the finished outfit!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous dress, the sleeveless one is very Audrey Hepburn!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful plan! Like Carla, I hope you will post the finished outfit.

What kind of sewing machine do you have? I want to get back to sewing after a break of MANY years. I'm undecided between getting any older mechanical machine (the type that all of my experience has been on) or a modern computerized machine. . .

Martha said...


I have a basic Brother sewing machine that is computerized. I love it. It is lighter than my old Singer Sewing Machine (28 years old) and I haven't had a problem. I kept the older machine to use to sew on heavy duty fabrics.