March 05, 2012

Catching Up

This week I am playing catch up on housework and organization.  I need to sit down and make up some menu ideas and I need to deep clean our house. Another project that is high on my list is researching other possible money saving tips that could help stretch our money to the max.  Nothing is off the table - even if it is an extreme idea - if it can save me a lot of money, I am going to consider it.

Sometimes I wonder if it has all been said and there is nothing new I can learn that could save me money.   But I know there is - I just haven't looked hard enough. 

I have many projects that I want to accomplish over the next few months and I need to make a realistic plan.  Some of these plans are big ones – the exterior of the house needs to be scraped and painted, there are plans for the flower garden I want to have and there are projects such as going through old photographs and memorabilia and scrapbooking them. 

Each of these projects will take money – some obviously more than others – and all of them will take time.  I have a hard time when I have a “free” afternoon trying to decide what to work on. I am overwhelmed by “free” time.  If I have a project ready to work on, then I can immediately get to it. 

This week I will be organizing my large pantry in the basement and cleaning the rest of the house.  Along the way while I am cleaning I will keep a notebook handy to write down the projects that need to be done this year and the projects I would like to do.  I know the list will get to be too long.  The next step will be to pick the top three projects and go from there.

I have several sewing projects I would like to get to.  One thing that I plan to do this year is to hand sew a blouse.  I know, it sounds cumbersome and terribly old fashioned, but I have always wanted to hand sew an article of clothing for myself.  This is a project that I can take with me places, even when we are travelling in the car.  I am intrigued how women years and years ago sewed all of their clothing by hand.  If you purchase an article in a high end couture shop you would pay top dollar for anything that has been hand sewn.  So, I want to give it a try and I think it will be fun. Yes, for some people my idea of fun can be kind of warped.

Do you have any home projects and craft type projects you are working on?  How do you decide which project to work on first?


Maureen said...

No projects to speak of but like you I will be looking at everything I can do to save money.

Debby said...

I just finished up cleaning out all of the pantries, what a job but it feels so good to be done and know we have no food waste!! My plan for Mrch is to get working on some Christmas sewing projects, nope done yet but I have high hopes!! Good luck with you to do list

Debs said...

My current 'project' is eating out of the freezer and cupboards and once they've got pretty low I will give them a good clean out!