November 01, 2011

Time for a Talk about Christmas

I think I struck a nerve with some readers about my article on Christmas gift giving.  It is November 1st so perhaps it is time to bring family members together and have a discussion. 

We are in year 3 of a global financial crisis and in our community we are experiencing new layoffs.   Just when you think it is going to get better, it doesn't. 

It's time to sit down and talk to your families about Christmas.  This could be the year that we end the madness and start to really feel the Christmas spirit.  If you were to start with spending half of the amount you normally spend and give the other half to charity (if you can afford it), that would be a great start.  I remember one year I received a note saying that a certain amount of money was given in my name to Heifer International.  I honestly thought that was pretty cool. 

So here's the challenge for this month - schedule a time to talk with family members about their expectations of Christmas and about how your family can get in the mindset of true giving this year at Christmas and each year hereafter. 

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Jake said...

I totally feel the same as you do about Christmas. I HATE the waste of buying "stuff" for people who have everything they need. My husband and I don't buy gifts for each other as we know we can get what we want if and when we want. Grandkids get money to be spent as their parents wish.I only exchange with my sister and her family. The adults are quite happy to not do gifts this year.
It is so stressful trying to find stuff!!