August 15, 2011

Won't be Posting until August 17th

My son is running for the local school board and tomorrow evening he has a "meet and greet" event.  I am quite busy helping him get ready for this event.  I baked 10 dozen cupcakes today and will frost them tomorrow (with homemade frostings of course).  I baked red velvet, carrot, lemon, strawberry, and German chocolate cupcakes. 

So - I'll get back to my regular postings on the 17th.  Sometimes I can only concentrate on one thing at a time and this is taking up quite a bit of time this week.  Election day is September 13th so this  "Meet and Greet" is important for him and I am devoting as much time to helping him as possible.


judy said...

Good luck to you son. Family first! We will miss you but hopefully this will help your son!


Lisa Campbell said...

I tried your Cherry Coffeecake recipe and it is a keeper. My son told me he didn't like cherry or almond while I mixing it up but that evening when I came home it said that he changed his mind. Said it tasted like poptarts only a lot better! Thank you