August 01, 2011

1/2 Day of Planning

This morning I am spending some time in planning and working on a new planning/calendar system.  My calendar expired at the end of July so I need to update or upgrade. 

What is necessary is that I need to upgrade to a system to handle more of the details in my life as I am getting busier.  Tonight I will report on what I am doing and I would love to hear from any of you as to whether you use some kind of system to organize home and family and other commitments.  Remember - everyone is different and everyone's system for being organized is different. 

One thing that is important to me is to maintain some kind of home organization as being organized does save money. 


Juhli said...

I simply use the calendar and task features of outlook on my computer. I then print out 2 months to have paper copy and add in changes. Simple and easy to change.

æble said...

The key for my family is having something real time that we can see anytime, anywhere. Both my husband and I have blackberries so we use the calendar feature in those and just add the other person to the "meeting". While probably not for everyone, it works great for us.