September 28, 2013

My computer crashed

I'll be back.  My computer crashed and I waited for a good sale in order to buy a new one.  In the meantime I am loading software, learning my way around a new computer and trying to get updated on everything.  Fortunately I had backed up all of my photos and files not very long ago.

I will be back - I promise.


Juhli said...

I feel your pain LOL! I just went through this and am still learning about my new computer and software.

debbie said...

ill be waiting for you

Anonymous said...

I am missing your inspiring posts! Hope you are up and running soon - but no pressure! Hope you and your family are well.

Ruby said...

Crashing is one of the worst computer glitches there is. Good thing that you already backed up all your documents and photos beforehand. Saving your files using a back up system can salvage you from losing important files. Things like this, though can be hampered, should be anticipated at one point.

#Ruby @