May 26, 2013

Update and a frugal hair product recipe

First of all I want to update you on my progress.  I am doing quite well as the medication I am on has finally gotten into my system and I feel really good.  Not over the top, but my normal, happy self.

I have lost weight over the last few months - total of around 19 lbs. and I am working hard on keeping it off. I have energy and I take a lot of walks with our dog and I am hoping to start running this week.  I am working on projects (most of it sewing) and other things around the house.

My husband has taken this week off for vacation so he could put up a cedar privacy fence for our backyard but we are in the midst of a rainy spell here.  It is ridiculous.  If we would have known that putting up a fence was all it would take to make it rain for several days, we would have done it last year when we were in the midst of a drought.

The purchase of the cedar privacy fence along with our son taking summer college courses has put us on a tight budget.  I use a detangler for my hair as it is now several inches below my shoulder.  Yes, I could go and use a coupon and get my usual Pantene Detangler, but even with a coupon it will cost $2.50.  So I did some research and I have made my own.  I put 1 tablespoon of conditioner into the 8.5 oz. bottle the Pantene Detangler came in and I filled it with warm water and shook it up.  I spritzed it on my hair and it worked quite well.  Just shake it up before each use and that is it.  

I completed the beginner's Dog Obedience training with my dog Molly last Tuesday and decided to invest in the Intermediate Dog training class which began the next day.  Classes are not frugal, but a life long well balanced dog is well worth it.  Also, I have discovered that I really enjoy working with her.  I have seen her progress from an anxious, unsure dog to a happy, more balanced dog.  I can walk her and she will sit when I stop and anyone can pet her.  When we walked past a yard where there were two dogs barking at me, she looked at me when I told her to watch me and we kept moving.  Teaching a dog to watch you when they are anxious shows them that you are their leader and they can depend on you.  Also people can come over and she will greet them and then I tell her to down and she stays down until I tell her okay.  

She has changed so much since January and it is due to the training.  Also, I have gained so much confidence and my anxiety has been reduced.  When I walk Molly, I walk with my head high and I create an atmosphere of leadership.  She trusts me because I am her leader.

So, I won't delay posting any longer.  I just didn't want to post a whole lot until I was back to 100%.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend.  For us, we may not be able to get the fence up this week, but I am catching up on sewing and my husband is enjoying a much earned break.  If he can't put up the fence, he can always enjoy watching baseball on t.v.  After all - it is his time off, no matter if it is raining and we can't put up the fence or if the weather clears up and we are able to put it up.  One way or the other, the fence will be up sooner or later -  it will happen.

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Georgia Stromer said...

I am happy to hear you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve. Good luck with the dog training ... I agree it is a wise investment. Also, the process helps develop a positive relationship with your dog. Thanks so much for the tip about the hair detangler! Hang in there!