April 07, 2013

Another good reason for money in the bank

Since January I have been working my way through depression.  But, now I am diagnosed mostly with anxiety which left untreated could become depression.

I'm being treated successfully and have finally, after trial and error of different medications, been placed on the correct medication.  It is working and I feel wonderful.  Now, when I say wonderful, I am not saying over the top, uncharacteristically wonderful - I feel like myself.

I have the energy to go out walking and exercise and have been watching my food intake.  

Have you ever had the thought that having some extra money set aside in the bank for when you are unwell is a good idea?  Since January I have struggled with cooking meals as I just did not feel up to it.  So, I have purchased more frozen entrees, and we have eaten out a few times a week.  I'm so glad that we had the extra money to do this as it was a big help after we used up all the frozen casseroles that I had on hand.

But now I face a new, lesser problem, I am totally ADDICTED to sewing.  My husband has come home from work to find me sewing in my sewing room and he comes in and asks "What's for supper?"  Oops.  Well, the weather is warm, so you can thaw a pound of hamburger and make them into patties and get them on the grill in no time.  A tossed salad can be made up quickly along with cutting up some fresh fruit for a salad.  Now I set a timer so that I can get dinner in the oven and go back to sewing.  

I will be posting what I have been making - aprons and burp cloths for babies.  I need to make curtains for my house and I want to do some more sewing for others, such as mending.  Then when the weather gets a little warmer, I will be outside painting our house.


~Carla~ said...

I love sewing as well... :) It's my sanity saver! lol!

Anonymous said...

I've been missing your updates and trust that you're doing well:). Take care!