January 04, 2013

Homemaking - My Continuing Education Plan

Okay, I’m back with a delayed start to my New Year.  We put our 12 ½ year black lab to sleep on January 2nd.  We were with her when she died.  It was beautiful, she was given the meds and she put her head down on her paws and went to sleep.  That was that.  It was a beautiful end to the life of a wonderful companion that brought us much joy.

Now on to a more upbeat topic – my plan for the year.  I posted this week that I had subscribed to some homemaking lessons back in 2008 and I had never really put them to the test.  In fact, at one point I had forgotten about them.  This is the year that I pull it together.  This is the year that I work on my skills to becoming the homemaker that I want to be.  Now, what does that mean to me? 

I have always thought of myself as a traditional homemaker wannabe, with some modern girl twists.  I want to sew everything that I can, clean my home til it sparkles, bake bread and have a garden.  This all appeals to me just as much as shopping at the mall would appeal to many women.  So what was holding me back from going for it when I was done working?  I find it hard to answer that question but when I searched within myself for the answer I came up with this.  I have been too busy taking care of everybody else to concentrate on what my goals were for our home and my true passion for being a homemaker AND (this is the biggest one) – I get side tracked pretty easy.

Does this sound familiar to all of you?  We put everyone ahead of ourselves and we never get around to doing the things that bring us joy.  Yes joy.  Sewing and keeping a neat, organized and almost clean house would bring me joy.  In fact it makes me feel a little giddy.  Having someone stop by and be welcomed into a homey, clean and almost neat house would bring me joy.  I am looking towards the eras of homemaking in the 1930’s through the 1950’s as inspiration.  This is what I mean by being a traditional homemaker wannabe.  And as to the modern girl twist – I plan to use modern day gadgets to help me get the job done. 

And as to the side tracked problem – one phone call could derail my day.  Yep, it’s true.  One call from church could send me into a whole different direction and before I knew it, I had accomplished nothing for the entire day.

I have close to 36 lessons in pdf file format that came with my subscription to the Homemaker’s Mentor.  These subscriptions were gift subscriptions from my husband.  Now, he didn’t go out there and buy these for me on his own – I asked for them.  I had to keep saying – yes, this is what I really want for Christmas or for my birthday or for Mother’s day. 

Why these lessons?  They inspire me and they are immensely detailed. These lessons are true mentoring lessons.  I plan to follow these lessons as they will give me the direction that I need towards my homemaking goal.    

In the work place many professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants are required to take continuing education courses every year in order to keep their licenses.  I consider these lessons as my homemaking continuing education courses.  Why shouldn’t homemaking be put at the professional level that other occupations are?  Why don’t we value homemaking when we all enjoy a clean home, good food and beautiful home crafted handiworks?

Here is a long list of most of those homemaking lessons (continuing education classes):

Kitchen Sparkle – Deep cleaning your kitchen
Making curtains
Cakes from scratch
Machine sewing
Starting a garden from scratch
Bathroom basics
Knitting with Frames
The Medicine Cabinet
Making Candles
Homemade noise makers – New Year’s.
Cooking with beans
Sewing pillowcases
Baking bread bowl
Making kitchen scrubbies
Coffee Delights
Gingham Napkins
Hand sewing lessons
Keeping a Pantry
Cleaning Master Bedroom
Clothing Storage Solutions
Embroidering Pillow Cases
Making candy
Baking pizzas at home
Making sausage and salami
Making Stromboli
Fruitful delights – blackberries
Vintage Embroidery Patterns
Canning Green Beans
Olive oil Emergency Lamps
Organizing Closets
Making Skirts
Herbal Remedies
Bringing order to your home
Crocheted Edgings
Perfect Pies
Long Term Food Storage
Water Storage
Making granola
Growing and using fresh herbs
Cake Decorating
Canning Meats
Sourdough lessons
Making Aprons
Cheese recipes
Learning to Mend
Home haircuts
Rag quilts
Baby clothes
Making a wedding dress
All about cinnamon
Dehydrating foods
Fruit leather
Crib toys
Lotion Bars
Uncanned soup
Make your own mixes
Jelly from scraps
Detail cleaning each room

I deliberately listed the majority of these so you could see the wide range of topics.  My goal is that by the end of 2013 my house will be totally decluttered, kept consistently cleaned, a housekeeping schedule will be tested and established.  I will have learned new skills such as how to crochet, hone my sewing skills, and learn to run my household in a manner that I will be proud.  Yes, proud.  Perhaps I have been ashamed a little because I haven’t worked a full time job in over 3 years and my home doesn’t reflect a woman that is home full time.  I’ve procrastinated and been side tracked.  Now I am motivated. 

Please realize that the main reason I can do this now is because my kids are grown and have moved out.  I don’t have the added work of caring for young children nor do I work outside the home.  I find that it is now possible for me to spend the time learning and perfecting homemaking skills

This appeals to me and honestly, it is my passion. 

Now which lesson should I choose first . . . . I will let you know on my next post.


Living on Less Money said...

I have the same desire! I have a lot of skills that I've learned over the years but I'd like to do better concerning my housekeeping. I have very little clutter but I need to get back to using FLYLADY's routine for housekeeping. I feel like I'm being pulled in a lot of different directions these days in helping others (which I am thankful to do) but it gets me behind at home. I'll be interested in reading how your goals go for you!

Debs said...

Something to do with decluttering. And pass on some tips!
(say the mum of a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old who doesn't get much done, but is trying to enjoy this season cos I know it's fleeting)

Sandy said...

Very excited for your outlook. Many of us desire that. It is just our generation had to work to keep up. I am one year out from retiring from 31 years of teaching, so I can't wait to see how your year goes. I look forward to the same goals in just a little while longer. Starting slowly now:)

debbie said...

maybe when you learn something you can pass it on to your readers

a8383 said...

This is my top goal for the year as well. I don't think I can ever live the life I want without a neat, clean, organized home as the backdrop. Keep us posted! Angela

Nicole said...

I am sorry to hear about your pet. That is such a hard thing to have to do and go through.

But that list is really intriguing and will make for some very interesting posts, I am sure!

Heather Nelson said...

How exciting for you!! I look forward to reading!