July 11, 2011

No Money but I want a Kitchen Makeover

I want to redo my kitchen. We have no extra money at all for this type of a project. After all last week we received a bid to replace our roof - $13,500. The roof is in really bad shape and it must be done this year. So there is no money in the budget for a kitchen makeover - or is there?  I have been working up a plan over the past week for us to do the work ourselves, over time as we have the money.  Here is what I have come up with:

The cabinets are in really great shape and I love them, but they do need new knobs and handles. I could replace them or perhaps paint them with a bronze paint.

As you can see from the picture I have already started to peel off the border and the wallpaper.  The previous owner did this room in pink and navy blue, which I do not like.

The countertop is an ugly white with a navy blue band of color along the edge. Don't ever pick out a white countertop. I inherited this one from the prior owners along with the vinyl floor that has cracks in it and is yellowed.  Countertops will be expensive but maybe there is an alternative.

I have been researching painting the counter tops with Rust Oleum counter transformations. I like the Onynx granite look. I really think this would be a great choice and the best part is I can experiment on the counter in the master bathroom first. It is white along with maroon trim and a maroon sink and is ugly.  Again, it was inherited from the prior owners. In a few years we will be able to afford to replace both counter tops. 

A tile floor is something that I don't want to tackle now but I have found a vinyl floor in a black and white checkered style pattern. Perfect and classical and it is something that my husband and I can install ourselves.  Also vinyl is much cheaper and I am fine with it.

The sink is a navy blue and we can install a plain stainless steel sink with a new faucet. As to the backsplash I can either paint it (that's what it is now) or I could add steel adhesive squares as a backsplash that appears easy to install. These are also inexpensive.

I want good old fashioned wainscoting installed on the lower half of this wall, a little higher than a normal chair rail in heighth along with trim. Again we can do this ourselves. 

Then I want to have new light fixtures along with a new ceiling fan, but I may not necessarily have to purchase new ones.  Our electrician told me that I should first try to paint the metal portion of the fixture.  It is a bright gold and I want them to be black.  So, I am going to give this a try and if they don't look good, I will replace them. 

All that is left is to scrape off the "popcorn style" texture on the ceiling, prime and paint the room a pretty yellow (I already have the paint), and then spatter paint the upper portion of the walls in pretty reds, greens and cream colors (to go with my 1940's theme).   I also want to replace the fridge with a basic white fridge (ours is 22 years old) along with replacing the dishwasher with a basic white dishwasher. I already priced these.  Last but least I will purchase two retro dining chairs for my dinette formica table.  I am trying to decide on a red cracked ice pattern or yellow cracked ice pattern. 

Here is the link to my post with all of my inspiration piece and fabric for my kitchen.

What is the cost of all of this?

Counter Faux Finish - $150.00
Flooring - $200.00
Backsplash - $50.00
Sink - $50.00
Faucet - $45.00
Paint for Knobs and Handles - $5.00
Wainscoting & trim work - $75.00
Refrigerator - $519.00
Dishwasher - $350.00
Chairs - $250.00
Extra paint colors for spatter painting - $15.00
Light Fixtures - $10.00 for paint or for new $250.00

TOTAL - $1,719 to $1,959

The counters and floor need to be done at the same time as I will need to have the fridge and stove moved into the diningroom while I paint the countertops and get the sides that are next to the fridge and stove.  Then everything else can be done as we get the money.  Now, what does "as we get the money" mean.  It means to me that if I cut back and save money on groceries, I can apply it towards the kitchen faucet or whatever.  As I accumulate the money I am going out and buying the faucet.  Then as I accumulate money for the sink, I will buy the sink.  This also includes the paint.  As I save up the money, I will buy the paint.

It's hard to believe that it all started with some inspiration pieces.  Read about it here. 


Anonymous said...

How much for a new roof??
As for the kitchen renos, good for you.Pricing stuff out makes it seem like a less daunting and $$ task.You are an ambitious woman.
I am looking forward to the transition. (a navy sink?)
Good Luck

Juhli said...

If you have a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store nearby you may be able to get the new sink, etc. for less than you have estimated. It sounds like it will be a lovely make-over!

Martha said...

Did anyone notice the "tiffany style" lamp hanging over the stove in the first picture? Yep, the previous owners thought that would be a good idea and of course it wasn't. All sorts of kitchen dirt gets up in the fixture and it is horrible to clean.

@Juhli, there may be a Habitat for Humanity Re-store in a nearby town and I will check.

@Barb - Yes a navy blue sink in the kitchen and a maroon sink in the master bathroom. Obviously a late 1980's early 1990's theme. And as to ambition, you find the ambition when you want a room such as a kitchen done. I do a lot of cooking and it is the first room you enter when you come in the back door and I am tired of it.

Martha said...

Also - the new roof costs so much as it has several gables and the house is two stories. That increases the cost. When our insurance guy came over to look at the room and I told him what the estimate was, he said that was a fair price.

~Carla~ said...

You have wonderful ideas! God luck saving up for the "redos"! Do you ave a Freecycle group out there? Sometimes there are great finds on there!!! :)

Sharon said...

That's a huge undertaking! We want our kitchen cabinets painted and the professional painting company wants $3,000.00 to do it. We may have to just try our hand at it first!

Yikes for the new roof. That's a lot of money!