October 23, 2009


I have spent several days trying to do some major decluttering.  Now that I am home what am I to do with all my business/work clothes?  I found it difficult to part with many outfits, but how many black skirts does a SAHM/SAHW need?  I was spending entirely too much time trying to make a decision.  Finally I made a pile of some items and included a few blazers that I have kept for years but not worn.  It is a start.  My problem is that with this new found frugality I will not be able to go out and buy clothes very often.  Also when I do buy clothes I need to check out the thrift stores which is something new for me.  I finally decided to put my spring/summer clothes away and get out all my fall/winter clothes and as I go through the season I will make note of what I don't wear.  In the spring I will then take those clothes and donate them to charity.  However I was able to make 1 small pile.

Decluttering means making decisions.  The problem is that when making a decision you do not want to have any regrets.  I found that when I put clothes in a pile I keep them in that pile for a few days and walk past them.  Then I find that as I walk past them and think about what is in that pile I am constantly reminded of the fact that I haven't worn those items for a long time and it is freeing up space in my closet and draws.  Freeing up space doesn't mean that I can buy more to add to that space, it just means that with less choices it makes it easier to pick out something to wear.  So far this has worked for me.

My house is slowly coming into order.  It has been neglected for months since I was working so many hours.  Now it is time to get on a schedule and tackle the work and get it done.

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